“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

What is strength?

For some of you, strength was raising kids, starting a business, or ending a toxic relationship that, if you are honest, should have been over. For the past two weeks it rained non-stop. For the life of me, I could not understand why it was raining so much. As it kept raining, my mood turned a sour shade of grey along with the sky. It was pitiful and quiet frankly, unwarranted. I took time off and reflected on the rain and my gloomy mood. Why was I like this? What was wrong with me? Why was I letting something as weak as water bring my mood down? And out of nowhere I realized that my personal definition of strength was water, or in this case, the rain. Something as subtle as drops falling from the sky can ruin the day for anyone, it sure did for me. This weak malleable thing had the
power to change any outcome no matter what situation.

Water is such an underrated substance. Not only can it replenish itself, it can create life as well as destroy it. When you dip in a pool, the water moves along with you not the other way around. You can glide with a rhythm that is almost like a dance. We view water as feeble and we use it to bend to our will. However, with
enough force, water can slice through any type of metal known to man.

Around the 1960’s, waterjets were used for mining and in 1980 they began using those same waterjets for cutting. The plain water mix could pick up speed at 900 mph and could remove the bark off a tree 40ft away. It surprises me that a creator would give us dominion over something that at first glance is frail and fragile but in actuality is strong and devastating.

The moral of the tale is you do not have to show your strength by seeming to be the biggest, most bad and or strongest.

  • Strength could be waking up and getting yourself out of bed.
  • Strength could be meeting new people knowing in the back of your mind you have a fear of social interaction.
  • Strength could also be knowing you are right and not saying a mumbling word.

Strength does not come from some grand feat or conquest. You do not have to slay dragons and bear the world’s problems on your shoulder just to be considered strong. You are strong and brave in your own way. Strength in a nutshell is the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. No matter what it is, your strength is what is inside of you.

Thank you for your time and always remember to…

Stay Focused, Stay Faithful, Stay Free.